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Have you ever felt this way? When you think of someone, an associated emotion will come to mind with the image of that person. For instance, when I think of my daughter, immediately I want to smile, because she’s goofy and clever at the same time. And, when I think of a friend of mine I feel relaxed and happy, because she’s very understanding and bubbly. It’s our gut feeling towards a person.

Consumers also have gut feelings toward brands. Apple makes me feel cool, modern, and smart. Anine Bing makes me feel timelessly stylish.

As a small business owner, have you thought about what kind of feelings you want your customers to feel about you? “Who are we?” is an essential question we ought to ask ourselves. A unique ‘Who are we’ answer helps to create differentiation in a competitive market, fosters brand loyalty, and builds lasting relationships with customers.

“Who are we?” explains why we do what we do and what gets us up in the morning everyday. It gives us a sense of purpose, and helps us to vision what a difference we can make. When it comes to my own “who are we” question, it’s the desire to create a better, clean, designed, joyful community that gets me going everyday. My vision is to help small business owners to realize that it’s in our own hands that we can decide to make a difference. Collectively we can make a better environment for everyone to enjoy. Eventually, we can make Los Angeles the most desired travel designation, where people are drawn to experience the unique and joyful communities.

I challenge all small business owners to ask the hard “who are we” question.