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Equipping small businesses and solopreneurs with brands that not only resonate with customers but also tackle unique challenges.

About Me

Designing Joyful Communities

Welcome to Helen Ma Creative, where design springs to life, enhancing your online presence and fostering genuine connections.   

At the heart of Helen Ma Creative lies a profound dedication to uplifting small businesses rooted in thoughtfulness, sustainability, and people-centric values. Our belief in design’s transformative power extends beyond aesthetics – it shapes environments, evokes emotions, and enriches lives. Guided by this ethos, we’re committed to crafting purpose-driven brands that wield a positive influence on society.

Join us on a journey to elevate your small business to new heights, infused with heart and purpose. As we navigate this path, we don’t merely design for visual allure; we craft spaces for the blossoming of joyful communities, one meaningful connection at a time. 

Solutions Offered

Drawing upon over two vibrant decades of experience, Helen Ma Creative proudly stands as your dependable design studio, specializing in a comprehensive array of services that fuel your brand’s success: 
Brand Solutions
Brand positioning
Brand visual identity
Brand personality
Brand guidelines
Content Strategy
Digital Solutions
Web design & Development
User interface design
Landing pages
Social media content
Email campaigns 
Paid ads campaigns

Branding Makeover

Retelling the story of California Cactus Center through a clear and cohesive brand presence.

Creative Direction / Web Design / Social Media / Merchandising

FIDM’s Story

Promoting FIDM as a creative college to aspiring minds who are passionate about the creative industries

Art Direction / Social Media / Paid Ads

By understanding your unique brand identity and goals, I provide tailored strategies that elevate your online presence, drive customer engagement, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Ella Van Nort

“… Helen is a true professional and expert in her field. She is a true asset to any company who works with her, she is 1 in a million!…”

Kim Askew

“… Along with her obvious creative talent, Helen brings innovative ideas and leadership skills to her role as Art Director …”

Celia Soudry

“… Helen always brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table, she was always able to deliver exceptional results that exceeded my expectations …”


Ready to transform your vision into a compelling visual narrative? I specialize in crafting bespoke digital and visual experiences tailored exclusively for you. Whether it’s refining your brand, designing captivating visuals, or crafting compelling content, I’m here to elevate your presence. Contact me and let’s collaborate to bring your ideas to life.